Discover the story of ROSALY


Endless skin problems

Kim and Roberto, together for 5 years, suffer from severe acne and eczema, respectively. Conventional treatments have not been effective. Kim, a medical assistant in dermatology, witnesses the failures of aggressive treatments. Convinced of the existence of alternative solutions, she seeks gentle and profound approaches to heal the skin without causing harm. Their quest aims to find treatments based on underlying causes rather than symptoms.



Initial Research

After extensive research on the benefits of natural ingredients in cosmetics and herbal medicine, Kim discovers the potential of natural products for skin care. She questions the use of aggressive chemical products and turns to nature for solutions. By developing a synergy of natural actives targeting acne, skin protection, and eczema, Kim creates an all-in-one oil, which she tests on herself and Roberto with amazing results. Kim's blemishes gradually disappear, and Roberto's eczema problems calm down. The Or Rose product is born. Kim and Roberto share their discovery with their circle, and the positive feedback exceeds their expectations, validating the effectiveness of their product.



The Creation of Rosaly

The recognized effectiveness of products based on Or Rose inspired them to create ROSALY, a company specializing in natural beauty care to address contemporary skin issues.

The name "ROSALY" was chosen to reflect the essence of the brand. It evokes the rose, which is the central ingredient in their products, symbolizing beauty, delicacy, and nature. Additionally, the name combines the elements "Ro" from Roberto and "Ly" from Lynn (or Kim), representing the two founders of the company.

A name like a miraculous alloy, embodying our artisanal beauty apothecary where we offer natural rituals handcrafted in our laboratory, where we both began working together.