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we believe that true confidence starts from within. Our products go beyond mere skincare solutions; they create self-care rituals that promote self-love.

Explore the testimonials and before-and-after photos of our customers, capturing the real transformations they have experienced with Rosaly. These changes go much deeper than the skin: they reflect the power of healthy skin on self-esteem.



Developed to combat skin problems while respecting our skin, our health, and our planet, the Rosaly skincare routine has proven itself over the past years. The results speak for themselves: Over a hundred testimonials highlighting the properties and effectiveness of Rosaly products.



Spots and Scars

After acne, it is common to have scars and residual marks on the face. Rosaly products also support you during this stage, especially our flagship product based on rosehip oil.


"I've been using Or Rose for two weeks now and I see an improvement in my skin. I have an area on my forehead that constantly has pimples and scars that struggle to fade. The marks have started to lighten and the pimples are less prominent. I'm looking forward to seeing the progress!"

Aline F.

"I have hyperpigmentation spots and I see the difference since I started using this oil. I love it, thank you :) I also have 'Calme' because my son has had eczema since birth and since I started using it, he has almost nothing left. Thank you :)"

Fanny D.

"Amazing, in just one week my spots are less visible and it's only the beginning!"

Mauranne K.

"This is the third bottle I use and the quality of my skin is improving week after week. I am really delighted with this product which I recommend!"

Magali M.

"I've been using Or Rose for a week now and I'm in love! My skin is smoother, softer, the pores have tightened, and I hardly have any pimples left. My spots have also faded a bit."

Emma L.

"Rose Gold is easy to apply and has a very pleasant scent. The scars on my face are fading little by little."

Stephanie T.


Particularly soothing, Rosaly's body oil has allowed many of our clients to relieve the symptoms of eczema thanks to one of its key ingredients: Calendula oil.


"I put it on my eczema and it disappeared in three days, it's amazing! Very good product, well done 👏"

Nadia F.

"I'm amazed by this oil. I use it on my 13-month-old son who has had eczema since he was very young. So far, no cream had any effect. The oil reduces eczema inflammation and stops itching, even to the point of making the eczema patches disappear. A gem 👌"

Marie B.

"I mainly use it for my legs, I had itching, eczema, and redness. Since then, I no longer have any itching fits (it was really intense and felt like burning). I feel much better and everything is disappearing. Thank you."

Alexandrine G.

"I use Calme oil when I have eczema flare-ups and swelling on my forearms. It works very well and absorbs quickly! It's worth noting that even prescription creams with cortisone didn't work for me!!"

Laetitia D.

"It's been a week since I started using Or Rose, and I'm in love! My skin is smoother, softer, my pores have tightened, and I hardly have any more pimples. My blemishes have also faded a bit."

Emma L.

"I always get small bumps on my legs after shaving, but with Calme oil, the reaction reduces incredibly quickly! Here's proof in the picture. It makes the redness and small bumps go away in just a few hours every time. Thank you for your products!"

Marie J.

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